Some New Stuff!

Hey there!

While I’m working on a few exciting new projects, I thought I would make a few more models available for purchase on my shop as well as on my Thingiverse page.

Most of these models are from a few years back, but there are a couple of new ones sprinkled in here and there. Here’s a lightning-round rundown of all the new stuff I put up!

There’s a new shirt in the shop! This Honeycomb Tee not only looks and feels great – it also showcases some 3D printing history! There’s a few influential printers on the back that got me started with 3DP, as well as a matrix of honeycomb infill from the early days of RepRap. I’m really happy with how these shirts came out! I spent a long time trying different brands and types of shirts, and I finally found one that’s a good price and feels fantastic, meaning I can deliver some great quality printed tees for a fair price. Seriously, these are my favorite shirts to wear!

The CLASSY front of the Honeycomb Tee…
…and the COOL back!

Next up is a model I made back in 2017, right about when the Nintendo Switch came out. I was obsessed with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, so I recreated my favorite trophy from the game – the Lightning Cup Trophy! This one turned out really well, and it even got its own article on Hypertext! Print it out yourself or grab one from my shop if you’re interested in showing all your friends who’s the best Kart-er.

The beautiful Lightning Cup Trophy. Just look at that cloud smile!

Back in VR, I’ve been doing a little more sculpting with Gravity Sketch. I’m working on Desert Doodles II, which is coming soon! Here’s a little teaser from the slicer – Cactus V!

A new low-poly addition to the Desert Doodle family!

Finally, I added one more model to the shop – custom AirPod cases! I’ve had a lot of requests for personalized cases, so I decided I’d put it up for sale. The base model was created by AWillows on Thingiverse under the Creative Commons – Attribution license, meaning the model is licensed for adaptive and transformative commercial use. More info about the cases are listed on the shop page!

Show your gamer pride with a cooool AirPods case!

Anyways, that about does it for this update! If you decide to print one of my new designs, please don’t hesitate to post a make on my Thingiverse page – it’s always a great feeling to see others print my models. Otherwise, you can always grab a print from my shop!

Thanks for dropping by!


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