Hey there!

I’m Brent, and this is Brent Werder Design. I use 3D printing and mechanical design to solve issues – or just to make cool stuff!

I have experience working with CAD programs ranging from Solidworks since 2012, Autodesk’s suite since 2016, and a few VR programs (Gravity Sketch, Google Blocks) since 2018. For most of my work, I prefer Autodesk Inventor Professional 2019, with some exceptions.

I’ve worked with a number of printers since I began 3D printing back in 2014-15. In 2015, I built a kit version Ultimaker Original +, upgraded with an e3D V6 hotend. In 2017, I built an Original Prusa i3 MK2s, which I later upgraded with Prusa’s Multi Material 1.0 upgrade. Apart from those machines, which I use in-house for design work, I’ve worked on all kinds of printers from Makerbot, Robo3D, Printrbot, Polar3D, DaVinci, SeeMeCNC, Lulzbot, and more. Currently, I’m designing a CNC motion platform from scratch which I intend to use for 3D printing.

On this site, I aim to catalog all the engineering design work I do – using 3D printing, or otherwise! Additionally, you’ll find places to download or purchase my 3D models & prints.

Thanks for dropping by.


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