Some New Stuff!

Hey there! While I'm working on a few exciting new projects, I thought I would make a few more models available for purchase on my shop as well as on my Thingiverse page. Most of these models are from a few years back, but there are a couple of new…

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Desert Doodles in VR!

Hey there! Since I'm bogged down with schoolwork for now, and new projects are probably on hold until the summer, I thought I'd keep this "retrospective" series going. Last time, I showed off one of my first puzzle projects, Puzzle X. This time, I want to look back at my…

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Puzzle X

Hey there! I thought I'd do a retrospective post on a project I really enjoyed working on late last year. The mysterious Puzzle X! This little desk toy is a frustrating puzzle with a seemingly easy end goal: get the ring off! It's certainly not as easy as it looks.…

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